At The Red Door Books, we've always been about quality books at reasonable prices and sharing our love of the written word with the community. We're not a giant corporate big box store and we don't aspire to be. Most of our books are carefully curated used books, but we do have an ever-growing selection of new books-- because a good book is a good book, and we'd hate for anyone to miss out on discovering a book because it's too difficult to find used.

Our collection of new books includes brand new releases as well as new copies of older titles. It's a great balance between carrying hot new titles and new copies of classics.

Regardless of whether it's a new bestseller or a reprint, all new books on the shelf are always 20% off the cover price. That's not something you find at those big box stores. That's 20% off all new novels, graphic novels, nonfiction books, children's books, local history books, coloring books and every other new book we have in stock.