In the Days of the Comet by HG Wells (1966)


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From the back:

To awaken…changed! Something has happened to human beings all over the world. They see themselves as they are. They see what they have been, and what their blindness and stupidity have led to. And humanity arises from its brief period of sleep, repentant and determined to set things right.

As with most of HG Well’s stories, the plot of In the Days of the Comet is a simple one which can be outlined in a few word; but the way he has thrown all of his insight, all of his hopes, fears, loves, and hates into this picture of a world renewed makes this a tale of wonder. You will find it absorbing; and perhaps you will wonder, as the author clearly wants you to do– “What if it really happened– today!”

Most of HG Wells’s non-fiction writings are considered period pieces today. His early fiction, however, is as fresh and vivid as it was half a century ago. In the Days of the Comet is no exception.

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